Old Guys in Action and Embrace International's
Cross Canada Bamboo Bicycle Expedition

The Old Guys in Action Cross-Canada Bamboo Bicycle Expedition (BBE) is a fundraiser for Embrace International Foundation, a Canmore-based NGO that works with children living with disabilities in developing countries.

You can support our efforts through the BBE by donating at Under "Fund?" select "Old Guys in Action Bamboo Bicycle Expedition". Thanks!

Through the BBE the Old Guys are looking to raise awareness and funding for children living with disabilities in Uganda, East Africa. Most of the children who will benefit from this extreme undertaking live in extreme poverty. These children are also challenged with a life-altering disability and many require the daily use of wheelchairs over rugged terrain.

Terrain-appropriate, locally produced bamboo wheelchairs and other mobility devices have the power to transform the lives of these kids. To help make the connection, much of the BBE will use bamboo bikes produced in Uganda (the sticks upper right below are our bikes when they were babies. Cute, eh?).”
The Expedition:

Phase 1: Ross and Bernie began their epic expedition in White Rock, BC in October 2021. They braved snow, ice and cold temperatures before being forced to stop the ride in Calgary.
Phase 2: In late April/ early May 2022 Ross complete the Calgary to Thunder Bay leg.
Phase 3: Bernie and Ross take on the final Thunder Bay to Saint John NB segment starting early August. Mosquitos, hot weather, narrow shoulders and saddle sores are all worth it for this wonderful cause. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Giving Guidance
1 Bamboo Wheelchair = $ 150
10 Bamboo Wheelchairs = $ 1500
1 Bamboo Walker = $ 50
10 Bamboo Walkers = $500

 Your Support of Any Kind


Our Thanks + New Futures for Kids in Uganda


October 2015
 ­Old Guys in Action and CAUSE Canada’s

Ride across Guatemala for Mothers and Babies
$45,000 Raised. Thank you!

The Need:
33% of indigenous women in the mountainous highlands of Guatemala have no access to formal prenatal/postnatal care.
Maternal mortality is twice the national average; twice the UN Millennium Development Goal target for 2015.
Malnutrition for kids under 5 is the 6th highest in the world.
Cultural & language barriers contribute to poor utilization of government health clinics. Clinics that do exist in these remote areas are crumbling, under-staffed and poorly equipped.
For more info, click on this news clip on Guatemala from BBC News.

The Response:
CAUSE Canada, with over 30 years of experience in Guatemala, has been entrusted by the Canadian Government to manage a $4.4 million, 4½ year program that will directly benefit 68,000 mothers and babies and indirectly benefit another 160,000 men, women and children. The program will:
1.Renovate, equip and staff 57 Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) centres by 2020.
2.Institute health training programs through local women’s MNCH committees.
3.Provide pre and post-natal counselling.

Our/Your Part:
In October 2015 four Old Guys (Bernie, Ross, Andrew and Jeff) cycled 300 km through the mountains of Guatemala, climbing over 30,000 feet (equivalent to scaling Mt. Everest) at altitudes as high as 12,000 feet.
The ride raised awareness and funds towards CAUSE Canada’s MNCH program obligation.
*As always, the Old Guys paid 100% of their own costs, so all funds raised will go to CAUSE Canada.
*The $42,500 raised through this initiative was matched 6.5 times by the Canadian Government for a total impact of over $275, 000.

Cause Canada continues to do excellent work in Guatemala and other countries around the world. To learn more and donate, visit


May 2011
 ­Old Guys in Action and CAUSE Canada’s
Le Tour de Sierra Leone
$50,000 Raised. Thank you!

A Bicycle Expedition to Save Lives of Mothers and Newborns in Sierra Leone

Thank-you for supporting Jon, Ross and Bernie on CAUSE Canada's May 2011 Tour de Sierra Leone. Your generosity helped us to raise over $50,000, all of which is being applied to build and equip birthing huts in this West African nation.

20% of the world’s population exists on less than $1.25/ day.
Women in poverty have dramatically higher risk of dying giving birth.
A woman’s chances of dying from complications in childbirth:
Canada: 1 in 11,000
Sierra Leone: 1 in 8

What: This bicycle expedition was organized by CAUSE Canada, an Alberta based charity with over over 3 decades experience in poverty reduction initiatives and public health education in West Africa and Central America. Participants committed to cover all their expenses and raise at least $10,000 each to support CAUSE Canada’s Sierra Leone Maternal Child Health Care Initiative.  Your support helped the three of us raise over $50,000! Learn more.
Where: Participating riders cycled over 500 kilometres of dirt roads and jungle single-track, crossing the West African country of Sierra Leone.
When: May 2011
Why: All proceeds used for construction & equipping safe birthing huts.