MCF (Mully Children’s Family)

As a six year old boy, Charles Mulli woke up in his Kenyan village hut to discover his parents had abandoned him.  He went from hut to hut begging for food and scraped out a meagre existence while trying to come to terms with his abusive past and seemingly hopeless future.  As a teenager Charles committed his life to Christ and began a unique adventure of faith.

After years of struggle, Charles began to experience unprecedented success.  He married his wonderful wife Esther, raised a family and excelled in business, becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Kenya. In spite of his tremendous achievements, the plight of the growing street children problem in his country burdened his heart.   At the height of his career he felt convicted to give away all his resources to pursue what would become a lifetime passion to rescue street children from the slums of Kenya.

Charles began by inviting three street children into his home in Eldoret.  He provided them with food, clothing, shelter, education and love.   This number continued to grow until there was no room to bring additional children home.  At this time, they began building at the Ndalani site.   Twenty years later, Charles and Esther Mulli, their biological children and MCF staff have succeeded in rescuing over 6,000 street children from lives of abuse, addiction and abandonment. MCF currently cares for over 2,000 children at three homes and 3 day centres across Kenya.

During the post election violence of 2007 hundreds of Kenyans were murdered and thousands of people fled to refugee camps.   The largest of these IDP camps was home to 19,000 people.  MCF took on the task of facilitating emergency intervention to 7,000 children and mothers who were breastfeeding; feeding the children a hot lunch every day and facilitating the creation and staffing of primary and secondary schools in the camps.  And in the current famine devastating East Africa, Charles and MCF are again reaching out providing African solutions to the current crisis.
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·         “Father to the Fatherless...The Charles Mulli Story” an amazing book!

Why we support MCF

Charles is one of the most inspirational people we’ve ever met. He walked away from a comfortable lifestyle to pursue abandoned children in some of the toughest slums in the world. AIDS orphans and kids infected with AIDS; children sold into the sex trade; young people who have done whatever they had to do to survive. In addressing the issues Charles brought his entrepreneurial spirit with him. The schools he founded for his kids (the local schools wouldn’t take them) are ranked at the very top in the country, and he is now looking to found a university. He has employed best practices in irrigation and agriculture. MCF exports products to Europe and is over 50% self sufficient, with a goal of being fully sustainable without outside funding. The MCF Children’s Choir is outstanding and toured across Canada in the fall of 2009. We also like the leverage support to MCF provides: Organizations visit MCF from all over the world to mimic its successful approach.