Embrace International Foundation is a Canmore-based charity led by Beverley and Paul Carrick, who founded and for over three decades ran CAUSE Canada. Bev and Paul retired from CAUSE but couldn't retire from making a difference in the world. In 2017 they founded a Embrace, an organization that empowers communities, families and individuals with disabilities. Embrace aims to build dignity and decrease dependency for mothers and special needs children in Africa and Latin America.

Embrace's mission is to show compassion and seek justice for disenfranchised people living on the fringes of society. The organization celebrates the dignity of all humanity, recognizing that all people have inherent worth. Embrace is a charity where respect for human rights and solidarity towards people with disabilities is honored. Embrace's mission is to help disabled children live in a more just, loving and accessible world.

Why we support Embrace International Foundation

Beverley and Paul Carrick are veteran leaders in the Canadian not-for-profit sector with an unparalleled track record of making a difference. They are loved and highly respected by others in the field and by partners and beneficiaries in countries around the world.

Bev and Paul decided to focus their efforts on children with disabilities in developing communities because, of all individuals on the planet, these children face the most challenges in overcoming poverty and living lives that reflect their true potential. We love the work they do, the way they do their work...and especially the wonderful kids they work with.

Learn more about Embrace at embracecanada.ca