Monday, April 24, 2017

When Charles says "JUMP!" We say, "How High?"

..."Why" you may ask?

Well, for one, Charles Mully is an amazing person, father of the largest family in the world. He has 2,500 mouths to feed and the current drought in Kenya (the worst in 65 years) has wiped out the crops they depend on.

Our May 14 half marathon in Ndalani, Kenya is raising funds for drought support at Mully Children's Family and for surrounding communities. Support MCF by supporting Team Old Guys in Action. Visit and click the DONATE button. This will take you to the MCF Canada site where you can make a tax deductible donation online. At the last step be sure to mention Team Old Guys in Action. Team OGIA cover all their own expenses so all funds raised go to drought relief managed by MCF. Thanks!

And here are some other great reasons for us to JUMP and for you to give...

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