Saturday, December 10, 2016


The experiment has grown from 7 guys plunging into a beaver pond, mid-winter in Discovery Ridge, Calgary in an annual spectacle with colourful costumes, performances, heated tents and winter divers ensuring safe passage through chilly waters near the Elbow Valley Residents Club. Last year almost 90 Dipsters and Distance Dipsters participated. (Distance Dipsters are people who get cold remotely and post videos. We’ve had Distance Dip submissions from BC, New Brunswick, England, Dubai and Guatemala). Over the years the Icebreaker has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of the SA Foundation's work to stop human trafficking and provide long-term recovery programs to survivors of sexual exploitation in 7 countries around the world. 

How can you help? Doing one or more of the following options will make a difference:
·     Donate100% of proceeds go to the SA Foundation & are tax receiptable. Two generous donors are matching the first $2500 donated to Team Old Guys in Action. You give $1; SAF gets $3!
·     Dip: 100% of Dipsters agree “It’s Cool to be Cold”®!
·     Distance Dip: 100% of Distance Dipsters weren’t even in Calgary. Dip, then share your video on social media.
·     Watch: 100% of spectators were glad they came last year.
·     Share/Like: 100% gets the social media leverage going! Like, Share, Tweat & Retweat. PLEASE! PLEASE!

Visit CALGARYICEBREAKER.COM and Facebook @CalgaryIcebreaker for details

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  1. Are you even a registered charity? looks like you don't like supporting Canadian charities, only ones where you get to go somewhere exotic.