Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 9: Sow ... Much Great Work

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It is day 9 of the Old Guys in Action’s sojourn in Guatemala.  While they have been adding up the miles – and elevations – I have had the privilege of accompanying Bev Carrick (co-founder of CAUSE Canada) to get a glimpse of the foundation CAUSE had laid over its more than 30 years of work in Guatemala.

As we bumped along the roads and stark moor-like landscapes in the highlands, I noticed that every homestead had a pila (an outdoor concrete structure that is their only sink) and one or two water storage tanks. Many communities also had large concrete cisterns. All were thanks to CAUSE Canada.
A pila made possible by CAUSE Canada
Another contribution CAUSE has made to the people of Guatemala is their micro-credit program. Small loans of about 90 – 180 dollars Canadian, empower women and their families to hope for a better future.
We visited Martina who had borrowed $88.00. This small loan made it possible to buy a sow that provided a litter of 13 piglets. With the proceeds, Martina was able to provide her family nutritious meals, shoes, and a laptop and university education for her daughter. At the time of our visit, the sow was pregnant – an investment that keeps on giving.
We also visited a young woman who received a loan of about $175.00 Canadian. She purchased a sow that produced piglets. This enterprising young lady tallied up for us her costs versus expenses. Within 3 months she had doubled her return on investment! This was an ambitious young lady! Besides her pig venture, she worked as a secretary at a university, was studying to become and auditor, and had a goal of starting a pharmacy in town! Here is evidence of the tremendous hope and ambition inspired by these small loans.

For more information on this amazing micro-credit program, check out

And there will be more on CAUSE’s amazing work in Guatemala tomorrow. Now, off to buy some local pineapple jelly at a tienda (a little locally owned groceteria).



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