Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 7: Lo Que No Mata En Gorda (what doesn't kill you makes you fat)

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The local expression is a bit like the English "What doesn't kill you makes you better". That's a bit how we felt after riding the 100 km from Antigua to Monterico today. The first km or two was the same teeth shaking cobblestone from yesterday...but then we dropped 3500 feet over 35 km on smooth, paved road. It was a total hoot to draft each other, slingshotting faster and faster, passing trucks and motorcycles along the way. 

But while the final 1500 foot drop from Esquintla to the coastal town of Monterico helped us in accomplishing the task, the temperature rose steadily through the day to a high of over 35 degrees. It was hot...but we made it! And there was a very cool surprise to meet us at the end of the road. We loaded the truck with the bikes, then Jorje drove the pickup onto a ramp and onto a wooden ferry powered by a 25 HP outboard engine. We took off down the estuary on a 9 km trip through the mangroves to a landing site where we rode the bikes down the gang plank and onto the Tarmac to our hotel for the night, a very tough day...but another great one.

So...were done, right? Not quite. Adding up all the legs, we are still short 35 km of our 300 km goal. So the plan is to get on the bikes at 6:30 and finish it off. More tomorrow!


Bernardo, Pablo, Aroz, Adam on car ferry
We're not in Todos Santos Todo!

Black beach at Monterico

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