Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 4. What goes up must go down (thankfully)

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Porfilio's grand daughter
Ross and Rosita

Bernie...speeding again!
Yesterday was magnificent but a really tough workout. We decided today should be a lot less demanding to give our bodies a bit of a break. The plan: say goodbye to our friends in Todos Santos, drive back to the Alto Plano, cycle down to Chiantla and drive over to Huehuetenango.

The dirt road route off the Alto Plano went for 20 km...and dropped 5000 feet! Paul Carrick, Founder of CAUSE Canada joined Old Guys Andrew, Bernie and Ross (known as Andreas, Bernardo and Aros [Spanish for rice...they aren't familiar with the name Ross and get a kick out of calling me "Rice"] on today's ride. Paul is a very fast mountain biker and left the rest of us in the (thankfully) dry dust on a consistent basis. Scenery was spectacular! Locals extremely friendly and the cycling tremendous.

Paul Carrick, Founder
CAUSE Canada


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