Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 1: It's a long way to "Way Way"

Lots more pictures can be found at https://www.facebook.com/oldguysinaction

View from Antigua of
Fuego and Acatenango Volcanos
Relief map in HueHue shows how
mountainous our ride would be

They were shorter in the 1500's
It’s a long way to Huehuetenango (pronounced “way way ten ango” or “Way Way” for short. To be more specific: 4.5 hours Calgary to Houston; 3 hours from Houston to Guatemala City; one hour GC to AntiguaGuatemala (the old capital) where we over-nighted; then 7 hours on twisty, rain drenched mountain roads, bikes on the roof of our van, to Hue-Hue. What a spectacular country. Antigua with its “earthquake-enhanced” Spanish architecture…surrounded by high volcanos and blanketed in cobble stone roads. Hue Hue with bustling traffic, mayan ruins and our hotel for the night.
Our team on the Old Guys in Action Ride Across Guatemala for Mothers and Babies: Dr. Paul Carrick, Founder CAUSE Canada, Bev Carrick CAUSE Canada Executive Director, Jon Carrick, their son and a double masters graduate who is taking on responsibility for CAUSE Canada’s micro-credit programs in Guatemala, Honduras and Sierra Leone… and the Old Guys, Bernie and Ann Potvin and Ross Weaver from Calgary, and Andrew Lawson from Edmonton. Hue Hue is our last stop before the final push of 2 hours by vehicle to the top of the Alto Plano…were we will take our bikes off the van and start riding.
Thank you all for your support. We are already over ¾ of the way to our $40,000 goal to raise funds for CAUSE Canada’s maternal newborn child health programs in the remote highlands region of the Cuchematanes mountains surrounding the Alto Plano. In addition to the pictures here, we are posting (internet permitting) lots of amazing pictures on the Old Guys in Action Facebook page. Come along with us on this amazing journey.

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