Friday, January 10, 2014

What a Dilly of a Dip! Thank YOU!

Few have dipped more times than Ron and none more dapperedly (except 'Breaker the Bear perhaps!) 

52 Dipsters on New Year’s Day
2 Double Dipsters
10 Distance Dipsters in the UK
2 Delayed Dipsters (Jumped Jan 11)
Many, many Wish They’d Dippedsters!

And generous people donated $75,000 for the wonderful work of the SA Foundation. THANK YOU!!!
The wonderful people at the SA Foundation are on the front line tackling horrendous issues associated with human trafficking in the global sex trade.
  • 15,000 women per year sold from villages in Nepal to brothels in India
  • Girls purchased from orphanages in Budapest and sold to markets around the world
  • Here in Canada the average age of recruitment into the sex trade is 13
The SA Foundation provides a home and recovery services to exploited women and their children in Vancouver, Budapest and Nepal and has been instrumental in establishing their programs in four other locations in North America.
Check out the Polar Dip and About SAFoundation tabs for details. And visit our new sister website: for everything you wanted to know about jumping into freezing water in Canada in January!

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