Monday, November 11, 2013

What's New?
  • A new website:
  • A new look and logo
  • A Distance Dip option: You don't have to be in Calgary or anywhere cold to participate!
  • The nice people at the Discovery Ridge Community Association have asked us to join them for a skate party at their new rink right after the Dip. Bring the family!
  • The nice people at Javino have invited us to warm up and fuel up any time after the Dip.
What's the Same?
  • Same date and place [Jan 1, 2014 1PM...Discovery Ridge Pond]
  • Our new mascot 'Breaker the Bear will be on hand to wow the crowd
  • It's still cold! [But the people are warm and friendly]
  • Same great reason to support the tremendous work of the SA (Servants Anonymous Foundation)
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  1. A great event indeed! Here is a blog post from one of the volunteers with some great photos!

    1. Thanks so much to the Old Guys in Action for this fabulous event and the fundraising for SA Foundation. A pleasure to write the post. Sue