Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The work of Servants Anonymous Foundation is BLACK and WHITE.

The subject matter is as BLACK as can be imagined. No, actually I can't imagine the life the young woman describes in the true story below. How can anyone, let alone close family, betray a trust in such a hideous way? And the "strangers"...

But it is WHITE. Because SAF cares for young women like this. Gives them real love. Gives them hope and new life.
Be part of the WHITE side of this story. Visit our Polar Bear Plunge tab. Make a difference. Please.
At 13 my aunt told my parents she had found a good job for me in the city. Instead, she sold me to a brothel where I was told I had to satisfy the dirty and violent perversions of strangers until I earned enough money to buy my freedom...I was starved, tortured and gang raped.


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