Friday, May 4, 2012

Got to love these kids!

Two of the 2,000+ children currently under the loving care of Mully Children's Family. Bernie, Ross and Claire toured this home in Yatta in 2010 and were so impressed with the facilities, staff and programs. Water catchment basins and pipelines to assure clean water for drinking and agriculture, education and training facilities, reforestation and greenhouses...and so much more. But it was the tragic, yet heart-warming stories that made such an impression. Many of those cared for at Yatta are women who have escaped the sex trade with the help of MCF. They are being trained in a variety of trades that will put them on a new and positive track in life. Their children are fed, schooled, given medical attention and a real chance to blossom with positive role models. Their future is bright.

Thanks to those who are sponsoring Old Guys in Action: Team Mully Children's family in the May 27 Calgary marathon! If you haven't given yet, we'd love your support...All funds raised goes to Mully Children's Family and will make a real difference! DONATE NOW!

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