Monday, May 21, 2012

According to the Lycklamas “Everyone Should Have a Family”

Kaelynn, Amber and Ryan with parents Trina and Jason
The Lycklamas are an athletic family. Cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, hockey…and running! And the whole family are now officially Old Guys, supporting Mully Children’s Family in this weekend’s races.

Dad (Jason, AKA "the Machine") is running the 10K. Mom (Trina, a runner herself) will supervise Kaelynn (10), Ryan (7) and Amber (5) in running the Kids’ Marathon. The kids committed to running 41.2K in stages. They will run the final 1K along with the elite marathon runners on race day.

As a family, they’ve done an amazing job in fundraising for Mully Children's Family, home for thousands of former orphaned street kids. Thank you!

Why fundraise? Why run? According to the Lycklama kids, “Everyone should have a family and we should help those who don't have one to get into one."

Well put. Well done Lycklamas!

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