Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calgary Ultra-marathon legend Nicki Rehn is an Old Guy!!!

Nicki is a nice lady...but a bit flighty!
I have always loved running.  It is the simplest form of adventure because all you need is a pair of shoes (or not even) and a place to explore.  I run for many reasons - for fitness, to compete, to explore new places, to push my limits, to decompress my day, to kick-start some creative process, to breathe fresh air, as a social occasion, as an excuse to travel, and for the pure pleasure of moving swiftly across some terrain.

I have done eight full marathons, two ironmans, eleven ultra-marathons (included one that was over 200 miles), fast-packed 1000 km across SW Australia, and represented Canada in long course triathlon.......and I feel like I'm just getting started! 

I choose to run for the Mully Children's Family because it is a way of bringing together my three great loves: Africa, education and running.  I spent four years living and working in West Africa and thus have a special connection to the continent and her people. And, at very my core, I am an educator. 

It a pleasure to support and represent this organization at the Calgary Marathon in 2012 by becoming an "Old Guy". Click here to sponsor our team and support Mully Children's Family!

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