Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do You Dare to Bare???!!!

3rd Annual Polar Bear Plunge! January 1, 2012 2:30PM

We're at it again!

Where? Pond above waterfalls, behind 329 Discovery Ridge Blvd
Why?     To raise money for Mully Children’s Family: Home of over 2000 orphans rescued from urban slums in Kenya. Pledges welcome and tax receiptable.
Can I Plunge?   Can I Watch?    Can I Donate?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Details to follow soon!

At age 6 Charles Mulli woke in his Kenyan village hut to discover his parents had abandoned him.  He went from hut to hut begging for food and scraped out a meagre existence. After years of struggle, Charles worked his way out of poverty, married, raised a family and excelled in business, becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Kenya. At the height of his career, Charles felt convicted to give away all his resources to help street children from slums in Kenya. Twenty years later, Charles and Esther Mulli, their biological children and MCF staff have rescued over 6,000 street children from lives of abuse, addiction and abandonment. (Cdn Foundation) or

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