Friday, April 29, 2011

T Minus 8 Hours

Packing and preparing to head out on the biggest challenge of my life so far- melodramatic, but true.  I have been humbled and inspired to the point of tears by the generosity of friends and family in supporting our efforts.

My motivation for taking on this challenge is that, without the medical equipment and expertise we enjoy here in Canada, I would have lost my wife and first born in 2000.  William was six weeks early and was breach and in distress.  Thanks to an emergency C-section, he and Beth survived, but it was the memory of this event that made up my mind last month as I was contemplating going on the Tour de Sierra Leone.

If you haven't already donated, PLEASE DO.
If you have, THANK YOU.
If you can't donate, please pray for our health, strength and safety.

Whatever the case, please spur us on by leaving an encouraging word on the Cheer Us On! page.
Follow this blog in the coming weeks to see our postings from trail.

Onward and upward!


  1. Onward and upward indeed Weave. If I were in a country like SL, when I was pregnant with the twins all 3 of us would have likely died as well. Pre-term labor and contractions at 20 weeks gestation is hard enough with the best of medical care, much less in a country where there is very limited access to medical care. Thanks for doing this, God's blessings on you on the trip.

    Sophia W

  2. GO JON, GO!!! Prayin for ya over here. Keep up the great work! May God bless your trip and crown your efforts with success, abundantly, immeasurably, beyond what you can ask or imagine!

    Love and best wishes from Eric and I and your RECC family back home.

    Dr.Rita ;)


    Jen ;)