Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giving Birth should be a Blessing!

Bernie and the Beasts (Wildebeasts in Kenya)
I am beyond grateful for the support shown to the Old Guys and the crazy venture we are about to take up.  (If Ross ever approaches you and says, "Hey, I have a cool idea..." please remember to run away, and run away fast!)  I am amazed, grateful and thankful to know that because of your generosity and support of the Old Guys and their cycle across Sierra Leone, many, many women and children will live...childbirth will be the blessing it was always supposed to be and not the death sentence it has been for 1 in 8 women in Sierra, thank you for your support, from me and the other old guys. Bernie
By the way...Bernie and Ann became grandparents for the second time earlier this week as daughter Gabrielle gave birth in was a blessing!

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