Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You can’t just sit there.


 When we put our front bike tires into the Atlantic, this May, after finishing 500 kilometres in Le Tour de Sierra Leone to raise funds and awareness for maternal health issues in Sierra Leone, someone is bound to ask, “Why did you do it?” When Larry Walters was asked the same question he replied, “Well, you can’t just sit there.” Larry Walters always wanted to fly. He never had the opportunity to learn. So, he purchased a number of large helium balloons, tied them to an aluminum lawn chair, the kind you have in your back yard, and with everything ready (baloney sandwiches, a six pack of beer, a bb gun) he inflated the balloons and drifted up 15,000 feet over Los Angeles and through the air corridor of the LA airport. You can’t just sit there.

For two of the growing network of Old Guys in Action the answer this May will be the same, “Well, you can’t just sit there.” 1 in 8 women dying in childbirth in Sierra Leone is simply unacceptable. No women should die giving birth; no little baby should die. Two old guys, part of the impressive network of Old Guys in Action (okay, there are currently only a handful of us) have chosen this year’s focus to be CAUSE Canada’s work in Sierra Leone to build birthing huts and improve maternal health care. Bernie Potvin, a professor and Ross Weaver, a consultant in the oil and gas industry, will participate this May in CAUSE Canada’s Le Tour de Sierra Leone.

The Old Guys in Action network is growing. Tim Heath, professor and co-founder of Old Guys is unable to join us this year. But you can; there is still room in this year’s Le Tour de Sierra Leone. If you are a man or a woman in or around your fifty’s (or as young as twenty…we will call you an ‘old guy in training’; or as old as ninety three and we will call you ‘amazing!’), and have two weeks in May (May 1st we leave) please contact us at oldguysinaction@gmail.com. If not this year, then look for future runs, cycle expeditions or polar bear plunges to join. We have plans and would love for you to join us in making a difference.

In the meantime, even if you are unable to join us as a rider in this year’s Le Tour de Sierra Leone, we do need your support. You can help us by passing this information onto a friend. You can save lives by providing financial support. To donate simply go to CAUSE Canada’s site at http://www.cause.ca/letourdesierraleone/oldguys and follow the DONATE links. Please specify Sierra Leone and mention “the Old Guys” in the comments area.

You can’t just sit there.

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